Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I have worked in IT in the professional world for over 4 years now, and you never stop learning. Every day is a new experience and exposure to new problems to solve and count as victories. Regardless of where I came from, or the environmental circumstances that were out of my control, I have made something of myself and went from a foster kid with nothing, to a successful, educated, driven IT professional. The world is absolutely a completely new reality now that we have the technologies we do. Not long ago, we humans would be raised in our small towns or villages, and be taught whatever the people there before us had to teach us. We would be in the dark about the rest of the world and other cultures, civilizations, geographies, and histories. With nothing more than local knowledge and teachings, with the occasional tall tale from the elders that would never be proven or disproven. But today, we have the ability to communicate across the world, see and experiences everything the people and places have to offer. We have history of the world that has been documented and the ability to search for and learn about any topic you have an interest in researching, with the world knowledge base of the internet. We have the ability to take the blinders off, and never again accept some spoon fed answer about life, but to question everything, challenge every value we have ever held as questionable and open our eyes and minds to a new way of thinking and living on a global scale.

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